We are Quixote.

We enter every project with honesty, integrity and professionalism, that is not a tagline, it's a promise.
(Ok, it's kind of a tagline, but we mean it)

Who we are.

Quixote is a collection of professionals that have been working in the media, content and event space for over 100 years combined. After working for other companies and crossing paths for a number of years, they decided to come together to fill a gap in the market. They call themsleves a "non-agency; agency", while they are great idea people their focus is on execution, and return on investment based marketing.


Managing Director


Content Director

Who do we work with?

Brands are constantly looking for ways to engage their target market and build their community. At Quixote we have helped build some of the best brands in the business through original, thought provoking and entertaining content.
Large corporations have found a lot of success by generating new and innovative content programs for both B2B and B2C initatives. Great content can be used no matter the business and we can prove it.
Each and every start-up has very specific goals in mind and normally has to be cost effective. Quixote got it’s start helping start-ups create programs to generate funding opportunies, and spread the word to it’s targets through budget programs with great measureable results.
When a group comes together to form an association, the next natural step is to create a place for that association to come together and share ideas. Through the creation and production of live events to the facilitation of on-line community building, Quixote can take your group to the next level.

How we work.

All great programs start with your goals. Quixote undertakes an exhaustive consultation project to help you uncover KPI’s and suggest ways to accelerate the meeting of them. This is about us choosing you as much as it is you choosing us. If we can’t help you, we will tell you.

Quixote has the secret recipe to producing content in the most cost effective manner with the best talents across North America, we provide constant updates and have (almost) never gone over budget.
If content falls in the internet and noone is around to see it does it make a sound? No. This is the most import piece of the journey, we wont just leave you with the content, we will make sure it gets to those you want to see it and help you maximize its effect.