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We are Quixote Media

We are event producers and content partners. With over 15 years of experience we believe all projects require the right mix of Technology, Art, Talent and Content.

We are happy to provide end-to-end production of your live or virtual event. We also realize events are more than just logistics and A/V, which is why we use our owned IP and contacts to ensure your event has that “bit of magic” ensuring your sponsors, guests and internal teams achieve ROI.

Quixote media is not your normal event production team; we have specialists that can manage any part of an event from logistics, content, marketing and PR, technology and the ever important, making sure a room is full.

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Don Quixote the title character of Cervantes classic novel, was a dreamer.  Quixote did not see the world for what it is and preferred to imagine a life less ordinary. He tackled situations with honesty, integrity and classical delusions of grandeur. So do we. Tilting At Windmills

Swiss Army Knife

Our team is small, versatile and probably has the tool you are missing

Guiding Principles

Honesty, Integrity and Delusions of Grandeur. If we are not the right partner for you we will tell you, and if you are we will dream big.

An Eye for ROI

We know everyone is trying to make a buck and we respect that. Everything we do, we do with the understanding that you are spending real money and expect an ROI.

An Honest Consult

Even if we can’t help you on this one, we may be able to point you in the right direction.


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Live Events

From planning, logistics and execution, Quixote has you covered.

Virtual Events

Covid-19 has forced us to get creative. We ask that you don’t just make your virtual event a bunch of zoom calls. Contact us to see the ways you can elevate your online content.

Event Content Planning

Looking to get in touch with celebrities, industry leaders or the latest YouTube star. We have you covered, our network is wide and we can help you plan your content.

365 Content Plan

Most events happen once a year. You should be in touch with your community all year. Let us help you build a content plan year round. Podcast? YouTube Channel? Publication? We do that.

Media Production

Looking to produce content? Quixote has a full team of media production experts to help you launch that Channel or Publication you have always wanted to.

Marketing and PR

Marketing, PR, and Partnerships. Also affectionately known as “butts in seats”. You have a great event coming up, you have lined up the right speakers and have a flawless plan. How are people going to find you and buy a ticket? We can help.

Have a project for us? Email us now!

Have a project for us?
Email us now!


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